Amanda Conner has worked on many of the top titles in comics, such as LOIS LANE, CODENAME: KNOCKOUT, and BIRDS OF PREY for DC Comics, X-MEN UNLIMITED for Marvel, GATECRASHER for Blackbull Comics (which she also co-created), and THE PRO, an Eisner-nominated creator-owned book for Image Comics with Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis. Recently she worked on the highly successful BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE series with Eisner-winning creator Darwyn Cooke.

Amanda’s work can also be seen outside the comic-book community, in such places as ABC’s Nightline, New York Times, MAD Magazine, Arm & Hammer, PlaySchool, and Nickelodeon. She has also done monthly spot illustrations for REVOLVER magazine and has enjoyed a huge success with the DC Comics title HARLEY QUINN with Jimmy Palmiotti. Her collaboration with pop sensation Ingrid Michaelson was industry celebrated. Additionally her work has been featured and spotlighted on the award winning CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory, where her artwork was used for multiple episodes. 

 She continuously produces cover work for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and an assortment of independent titles. Her involvement with DC and Warner Brothers for the Harley Quinn animated series along with several characters and themes leveraged for the cartoon and motion pictures are evident. 





 Jimmy Palmiotti:

Writer, Editor and Creator. Multi Award winning character creator with a wide range of experience in advertising, production, consulting, editorial, film writing, development and production, media presentation and video game development. Just a few of his clients include Nike, Nickelodeon, Universal pictures, Disney, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Lion's Gate, Vidmark, Starz, Fox Atomic, Alliance films, New Line, Spike TV, MTV, 2kgames, Midway, Radical games, Activision and THQ games.

Co founder of such companies as Event Comics, Black Bull Media, Marvel Knights, a division of marvel comics, and the current Paperfilms, where he is partners with Amanda Conner.  

 Together they have created and co created numerous universes, comics , TV series and characters including: The New West, Monolith, 21 Down, The Resistance, The Pro, Gatecrasher, Beautiful killer, Ash, Cloudburst, Trigger Girl 6, Thrill Seeker, Trailblazer, Ballerina, The Twilight Experiment and the TV series, Painkiller Jane. Other titles involved with are hit series Harley Quinn, DC Comics relaunch into the Wal-Mart nationwide stores, Jonah Hex, and several other series. Several of his contributions for both DC and Marvel can be found in major motion pictures and TV series for Marvel and DC, including Black Panther, Daredevil, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn animated and more





Alex Saviuk - Wikipedia

   Saviuk's professional career began in 1977 at DC Comics, where he illustrated such titles, Green Lantern,  The Flash, and Superman.  His first full work for the company, Green Lantern #100 (Jan. 1978), introduced an updated version of the Air Wave character. Saviuk drew The Flash #275 (July 1979) wherein the title character's wife, Iris West Allen was killed

In 1986, Saviuk moved to Marvel Comics, where he eventually established himself as a key Spider-Man artist with a seven-year run on Web of Spider-Man (issues #35–116). It was the longest run of a single artist on that series.  In 1989, he drew The Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives graphic novel. 

Since 1997, Saviuk has drawn The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday newspaper comic strip,  written by Stan Lee

Recently Alex Has created variant covers for Symbiote Spider-Man#1–5 (2019). 

Some of the characters Saviuk has co-created include Arkiss Chummuck and Malet Dasim of the Green Lantern Corps (with Bob Toomey), Sunburst(with Paul Kupperberg), Olympian (with E. Nelson Bridwell), Tombstone(with Gerry Conway), Nightwatch and the New Enforcers (both with Terry Kavanagh).  

Saviuk lives in Florida] with his wife,] they have two children 





Sergio Cariello was born in the mid 60’s in Brazil. He started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. At the age of 5, he already knew he wanted to be a Cartoonist. 


In 1982, he found an issue of Batman, issue # 350. Where he found an add for The Joe Kubert School. He knew right away that this was the School for him. Sergio started saving money and learned English to fulfill hid dreams. In 1986 Sergio had an interview with Joe Kubert   himself, over the phone. Where he was accepted!!!

During the second year , at The Kubert School, Sergio got his first professional pencil work At Marvel, Daredevil # 328 and Marvel Comics Presents: "Spellbound".  DC offered Cariello work to pencil Deathstroke and  many other characters: Guy Gardner, Steel, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Young Heroes in Love, Blue Beatle, Batman, Azrael and others.

Sergio never forgot his childhood dream of becoming an artist which lead him back to Joe Kubert, who gladly hired him as an instructor at his school, Cariello taught various courses such as Methods, Basic Drawing, Color, Paste Ups, Story Adaptation, Caricature and Life Drawing during his 7 consecutive years as a Teacher.

Sergio Cariello spent two years drawing the ACTION BIBLE. The most complete picture bible ever that features a captivating up to date artwork style—Making it the perfect bible for today’s visually focused culture. the Action Bible was released in 2010. 

"What does the worker gain from his toil? I have seen the burden God has laid on men. He has made everything beautiful in its time,"
( Ecclesiastes 3: 9a )





Elliot Fernandez is a Tampa based American illustrator, storyboard artist, concept artist, comic book and cover artist.

Elliot is best known for his contributions to DC's Harley Quinn, Dynamites Army of Darkness, and Archie Comics Riverdale and Jughead as well as his work with MARVEL Animation.





Jose’s passion for art and design can be traced back to his early childhood when his parents would ground him repeatedly for drawing on his bedroom wall. They soon discovered Jose’s creative potential and encouraged him to develop his talents. Since then, Jose has continued to hone his skills as an illustrator, winning regional and national competitions and collaborating with local Miami artists and community businesses.

 Jose’s style ranges from traditional drawing and painting to comic book art and graphic design. In 2009, Jose partnered with Creature Entertainment, becoming there Art Director and Lead Artist for The Gun and Ravenous. Jose has also worked on other indie titles such as The Mighty Titan, Soulfire “The Dying of the Light,” and Soulfire “Hope.”, The Faro Chronicles, Light Earth, Alpha and The Beach Chronicles.

 Currently, Jose is working on expanding his brand within mainstream comics, as well as developing outside projects within the field of gaming and motion pictures to name a few.






Daniel entered the Comic Book world recently, after years of working in the Gaming and Animation industry as an Illustrator Concept Artist and Art Director for companies like Fantasy Flight Games and Sega. Daniel collaborated with Creature Entertainment on a number of projects and fell in love with the comic world and culture, creating art for collectors and publishers like Creature Entertainment and most recently Image Comics.





Hello my name is Mark Pennington and I was born and raised in northern Ohio, my love for comics, sci fi and fantasy started early as a child.

Buying Batman comics for twelve cents off the racks in old dirty corner stores around Cleveland!

After high school I joined the Army for three years got married and went to the Joe Kubert school of Cartoon and Graphic art.

After graduation I got a call from Hasbro, they needed a new concept artist for the G.I. Joe action figures.

I was a perfect fit, having played with Joe’s my whole life, was in the military and had worked in a “plastic injection molding factory” when I was sixteen.

After two and a half years at Hasbro I started my freelance art career, was slow at first but things really picked up after one year.

I broke in at DC as an inker and spent the next 30 years working for DC, Marvel, DarkHorse, IDW and many others.

During this time, I also illustrated various card art, designed toys and children’s books. 

The last few years I have been moving away from comics and concentrating on portrait, landscapes and fine art. 

I still do an occasional cover or short story, comics and sci fi are in my blood, the nerd in me won’t let it go! 

Mark Pennington “wanted to be Tarzan, had to settle for artist”





Jen Broomall is a self-taught artist, who over the last ten years has refined her skill-set, mastered her medium and developed a finessed style that sets her apart. 
Jen has worked as a Cover Illustrator for publishers such as Coffin Comics, Devil’s Due Publishing, Zenescope, IDW, Valiant, Dynamite, Image and more.  Currently she is a stead variant cover illustrator for Coffin Comics and all of their titles: Lady Death, La Muerta, and Hellwitch. 
Jen is a traditional artist working in pencil and inks for cover work. She works with four/six colorists closely who digitally color her work to make an incredible end product. When she does color her own work she uses primarily Copic markers and watercolors.
 Jen believes in the importance of nursing your passions, expression yourself regardless of the outcome allowing yourself to become part of the creative process. She also believes in the importance of giving and the amount of impact our art can have on those around us.






Tony "KO!" Kordos is a professional inker who is best known for his work on Batman and Robin Eternal and Justice league: Darkseid War Special. He is currently working on the new Cyborg Rebirth series for DC Comics. His work has also appeared in Predators for Dark Horse Comics, Eternal Descent for IDW and Legendary Card Game for Marvel & Upper Deck. Tony was recently nominated for an Inkwell Award. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida with his two kids and dog. 





Bescia  March 5, 1973

Diploma surveyor, he attended the triennium of the Visual Arts school in Brescia directed by the Argentine master Ruben Hector Sosa.

He started publishing at the beginning of the 1990s collaborating with various publishers such as Fumettando and Fenix.

Become part of the group of the HAMMER project for then spend about 9 years in Sergio Bonelli Editore on the Nathan Never series.

A profitable and continuous collaboration with the French market begins where he makes numerous volumes with Glenat, Dargaud, Soleil, Lombard, Ankama, Casterman, Dupuis and many others.

In 2001 he also landed in the US market working for the prestigious Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, IMAGE, TOP COW, VAULT, DYNAMITE, BOOM! Studio, Universal, Adaptive an many more.

He lives in Sarasota, Florida





Benny Powell is a publisher, writer, and artist most known for the hit White Widow comic and upcoming spin-off I Make Boys Cry. He is also the creator and writer for Wayward Legends, Darchon, AMPED, Duel Identity, Wayward Sons, Markiplier, and dozens more.

Benny Powell is a publisher, writer, and artist who began his career at Marvel in the 90’s, breaking in as a writer while still an intern – a feat which nobody had ever done before or since. While at Marvel he worked on such celebrated characters as the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and was the primary

writer for most of Marvel’s online content.

 His first work, What If #77 (What if Legion Had KilledMagneto) was recently republished by Marvel for their “TRUE BELIEVER” series, a distinction Marvel

uses to introduce new readers to what they feel are the best representations of a series.

Currently, he is most known for being the writer, co-creator and sometimes cover artist for the hit White Widow comic which is currently the #1 independent comic book in the world. He is also co-creator and writer for the hit spin-off, I Make Boys Cry. He is also the creator and writer for Wayward Legends which has been read by millions worldwide, Darchon, AMPED, Duel Identity, Wayward Sons, Markiplier, and

dozens more hits by Absolute Comics.

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